About Us

Who we are

We are Cosmic Dog Farm; a Delaware farm that is out of this world! Farm Co-Owner/Operator, Christian Coody, hails originally from Louisiana and brings a wealth of agricultural experience to our enterprise. Having spent a substantial period specializing in the cultivation of vegetables and cannabis in Colorado, Christian's diverse expertise encompasses a spectrum of farming practices. His background underscores a commitment to agricultural innovation and best practices, reinforcing his integral role in our team and our dedication to achieving excellence in the field. Co-Owner/Operator, Jena Murray, is a proud Delaware native with a rich background in the agricultural sector. Her formative years were dedicated to the responsible and skillful raising and showcasing of animals, reflecting a deep-seated passion for agriculture. In addition to her hands-on experience, Jena has garnered valuable professional insights through prior employment with esteemed local Delaware farms. This extensive background positions her as a seasoned and knowledgeable contributor to our team, ensuring a strong foundation in agricultural expertise and a commitment to excellence.


Our aim is to promote environmental regeneration by utilizing animals, organic amendments, strategic planning, and thorough soil testing methodologies. Regenerative farming brings soil health, biodiversity, and climate resilience. It sequesters carbon, conserves water, and enhances nutrient cycling. Economic viability, community engagement, and improved water quality are additional benefits, along with positive impacts on wildlife and market opportunities. This holistic approach prioritizes sustainability, offering long-term productivity and aligning with growing consumer preferences for environmentally conscious agriculture.


Our primary focus centers on cultivating a limited CSA membership, and inquiries regarding this can be directed to for additional information. 

Furthermore, we actively participate in the Milford and Lewes Farmer's Markets. Commencing in 2024, our commitment extends to contributing to a Farm to Community program, facilitating the provision of fresh, locally sourced produce to underserved communities. We currently grow on a 1/4 acre and are utilizing succession planting to keep plants growing year round!


Our farming practices utilize precisely calculated planting density for crops to maximize space and efficiency within the garden space.

Bio-intensive farming prioritizes sustainable agriculture by promoting soil health, biodiversity, and resource efficiency. It minimizes synthetic inputs, conserves water, and enhances climate resilience. The approach fosters community development, reduces environmental impact, and produces high-quality, nutrient-dense crops. Supporting bio-intensive farming aligns with regenerative practices, addressing various challenges associated with conventional agriculture.

Holistic Management

Holistic Land Management is an approach to land stewardship that considers ecological, social, and economic factors in an integrated manner. It involves comprehensive planning and decision-making to optimize land use. Key elements include sustainable agricultural practices, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement. Holistic Land Management aims to balance environmental health, economic viability, and social well-being for long-term sustainability.

Korean Natural Farming

Korean Natural Farming (KNF) is an agricultural methodology that originated in South Korea. It emphasizes natural and sustainable farming practices with minimal external inputs. KNF involves using indigenous microorganisms, fermented plant extracts, and traditional techniques to enhance soil fertility and plant health. The approach focuses on fostering a balanced and diverse ecosystem, reducing reliance on synthetic chemicals. Korean Natural Farming principles include creating nutrient-rich soil, promoting microbial diversity, and supporting plant resilience through natural means.

Traditional Organic Practices

we utilize hand tools, plastic tarps, and other traditional means of organic crop production to help turn over our beds for planting new crops throughout the season. We believe the soil should be disturbed as little as possible, so here at Cosmic Dog Farm we utilize "No-Till" practices to help regenerate our soil.